Monday 22 September 2008


The main film from the Aspergers Syndrome DVD has been nominated for a prestigious national award as part of The Scottish Mental Health Arts & Health Film Festival (SMHAFF).

The award ceremony is on 12th October and the film will be shown at the festival between 2nd October -19th October.

The SMHAFF is the largest festival of its kind and is becoming a major cultural event in Scotland.

“We intend to achieve social change by engaging the media, the public, and the arts community in a dialogue about mental health issues”
Lee Knifton, Festival Director

The multi-arts festival aims to engage audiences and tackle stigma by exploring the relationship between mental health and creativity, celebrating the artistic achievements of people with experience of mental health issues and promoting positive mental health and well being.

For more info on the festival go to

Good luck to the Biomation team and the young people who made the film.

Thank you to Lime Trees, the artists and the young people involved in making the film.

To see the Aspergers film scroll down the page.


Anonymous said...

Are we supposed to make an appearance at this?

Simon Collins said...

Hi Helen. I don't know of any plans to take anyone up there, but will ask Dave about it and get back to you. Nothing has been arranged at the moment