Saturday 15 December 2007

The final session!

Project was great generally but the final session dragged a bit because I finished early and there was nothing else to do....(to be continued)

alex I
final session shame :( but enjoyed it was a good experance and led me to a new hobbie hope that there is another one like this next year :)

alex H
Overall, it was a good experience of learning more about animation, instead of just watching it. It was good meeting new people and it was fun painting my self portrait, even when it went wrong.

Friday 14 December 2007

1 week to go!

I thought I'd share some pictures from the workshops, showing the breadth of materials used from paper cut-outs, paint and sand to digital techniques. It's an exciting time for everyone as the results of everybodys hard work reveled in the animated film evolving. It's been something of a sprint, making sure we get to the finish line in time, but in those few weeks incredible stories have been shared, and friendships formed. This has been a true collaboration, with artistic and medical practitioners imparting their artistic knowledge, empowering young people to explore their experiences though the boundless power of animation.

Tuesday 4 December 2007

The Brain animation...

This is a sneak preview of one of the animations from our Aspergers project. It's up here so another member of the project can view it online and write a script for it, which we can then record at the next session.