Monday 6 August 2007

Thank-you for all your hard work

Just a quick note to thank all those that took part in the sessions over the last two weeks for all their hard work, ideas, imagination and commitment. Dan, Miles and myself are all really pleased and impressed with how well you worked. When they are put together with the sound, the animations you did will look brilliant. We will put them up here when they are done, though that may take some time. In the meantime, we've put up a few photos from the project.


Take a bunch of normal, lively kids, put them in a room with three whacky artists and shout, very loudly, "make a film about diabetes - now !" Every time when I've tried this before it's always fallen flat, but this time it really worked ! Okay, so I've never done this before, but then York
Hospital, as far as we are aware, has never hosted an animation project about diabetes with children before. But all those who took part did a great job, and worked really well. What a great company we have had ! The resulting films will combine educational material with a sense of humour and some zany additions. I really enjoyed working on the script with the young people, an dhelping them storyboard their ideas. I still can't believe I was forced into humiliating myself by riding a tiny red tricycle around the room, but the kids and the other artists thought it was wonderful, so who am I to argue ? Well done everybody, a fantastic piece of work. Thank you for
having me along.