Monday 13 October 2008

Award for Aspergers Syndrome film

I have just got back to York from the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival awards at the Filmhouse, Edinburgh and I am delighted to say that the Biomation Aspergers Syndrome film was the winner of the animation category at the festival.

The competition received entries from across the world including America, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and Israel.

The Aspergers Syndrome film was commended for its use of animation to explore the social, scientific and emotional aspects of Aspergers Syndrome.

It was such an honour to see the film being shown on the big screen at the prestigious Filmhouse in Edinburgh alongside other award winning films.

You can view the film here:

The screening created huge interest about the film and luckily I was armed with DVDs to give to film professionals and clinicians invited to the ceremony. Many of them want to spread the word about the film and the Biomation project!

Due to the timing of the event it was virtually impossible for the young people, artists and staff from Lime Trees to attend the ceremony. However, on behalf of the Biomation project and the City of York Council I would like the staff and young people from the Lime Trees Child and Adolescent Unit to receive the award. Hopefully we can arrange a formal presentation of the award to Lime Trees and the young people involved in the project over the coming weeks.

One last thing…
The organisers of the Scottish Mental Health Arts & Film Festival are hoping to make the festival an international event in the future. They are are in talks with organisations to have events in places such as Vienna, Berlin and………. York! Watch this space…

Congratulations to everyone involved in making the film an award wining film and ensuring it gets the recognition it deserves.


Monday 6 October 2008

AS film up on Channel 4 animation site!

Following on from the exciting news of the award nomination, the Aspergers film is now up on the Channel 4 animation site and is getting some really good comments, such as:

Fantastic series of animations with lots of excellent verbal and visual descriptions of what it is like to live with Asperger's. I couldn't have put it better myself :) Brilliant stuff!

Well done to all involved in making this piece. I worked with a guy with Aspergers recently. It is poorly understood in society and I hope that your film will go some way to helping people underrstand what it is all about, but most importantly what it is like to like with Aspergers so that they can be more understanding and supportive. Great work folks!!!


Monday 22 September 2008


The main film from the Aspergers Syndrome DVD has been nominated for a prestigious national award as part of The Scottish Mental Health Arts & Health Film Festival (SMHAFF).

The award ceremony is on 12th October and the film will be shown at the festival between 2nd October -19th October.

The SMHAFF is the largest festival of its kind and is becoming a major cultural event in Scotland.

“We intend to achieve social change by engaging the media, the public, and the arts community in a dialogue about mental health issues”
Lee Knifton, Festival Director

The multi-arts festival aims to engage audiences and tackle stigma by exploring the relationship between mental health and creativity, celebrating the artistic achievements of people with experience of mental health issues and promoting positive mental health and well being.

For more info on the festival go to

Good luck to the Biomation team and the young people who made the film.

Thank you to Lime Trees, the artists and the young people involved in making the film.

To see the Aspergers film scroll down the page.

Wednesday 23 January 2008

The 'Award Winning' Asperger's film

Below is the Award Winning Asperger's film. I hope you enjoy watching this fantastic piece of animation. Congratulations to all of you who were involved in making it.

If you have any comments, it would be great to hear them. Details about how to add a comment are on the right hand side of this site.

Monday 21 January 2008

Update from Biomation world

Biomation is going from strength to strength. The Asperger project is now finished and was a resounding success. Thanks to all the artists and staff at Lime Trees for making it such a memorable project.

We are now busy putting the finishing touches to the Asperger DVD and will hopefully have this finished and the first with the first run of DVD's duplicated within the next couple of weeks.

We are also planning the next hospital project where we hope to exploring Epilepsy through animation, film and music technology. But we haven't finished!...

Still to come are the community and education projects aswell. Phew!...

New Year Update

Hello - just a quick update on where the project is. The celebration event for the Aspergers animations went very well just before Christmas. We have a few minor tweaks to make to the film, and then it will be upoaded here and DVDs will be posted out to the participants (though this may not be for a few weeks yet...). We should be able to get some photos up from the event too.

Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and all the artists feel that it's a fantastic piece of work and that the group should be very proud of what they achieved.

Planning is now beginning for the next stage of Biomation...