Tuesday 13 December 2011

Communication Street: Deaf children and communication at home

Our latest film has finally been completed! Communication Street is a film about problems Deaf young people have communicating at home, with parents, brothers and sisters. In a fun and entertaining way it looks at things such as being woken up; not being told what's going on; communicating in the car; not hearing someone calling for you; and the age old arguments over subtitles. For each problem a solution is also suggested by our Communication Street voiceover pigeon

Wednesday 7 December 2011

NHS 60th Anniversary animation

One from the archives, which we dug up recently and thought it would be good to show here. This is a short animation to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the NHS made at York Hospital. Members of the public as well as NHS staff were invited to come along and fill in a square and record one word or phrase to describe their experience of the NHS. Simple but effective