Friday 27 July 2007

Hello Biomation!

Hi Biomation! Good luck with the Diabetes project!

Arts Action York have heard brilliant things about the hard work you are all doing on the Biomation project. We are really looking forward to seeing the final productions. From Arts Action York.

Wednesday 25 July 2007

Zargon and his escape from the Antibodies...

The diabetes animation project is underway! So far we've had 3 sessions in which the group has come up with a load of ideas; worked out the stories they want to tell, and begun animating - which they've picked up and got the hang of brilliantly. We also had one of the doctors in to help make sure all the details in the stories are correct, and answer a few questions about Diabetes. It's all going really well so far.

Next Wednesday we'll find out how Zargon gets on in his journey to the Heart and to the Pancreas...