How we work

We work with you and for you to create films which have the power to reach, captivate and inform your audience

We are a small company with an excellent reputation for quality, flexibility and communication. We can work purely on a commission basis where we consult, research and produce a piece to meet your requirements in engaging your audience. Equally, we can facilitate your group in researching, writing and producing a film themselves which will have a distinct look, feel and message.

Working on a commission basis, we are able to produce to broadcast standard by applying a strict quality threshold to the ideas we develop through to the finished piece. You can be as involved as you wish in the creative process, or alternatively set us a brief, stand back and be confident that we will deliver an effective and eye-catching film.

Working with a group, the project's outputs are different and a larger focus is on the personal benefits to the group members of taking part in the creative process. Having an enjoyable and exciting method for exploration and expression of what are often very personal feelings and thoughts, is as important as the piece produced.

Our usual practice is firstly to learn all we can about the group and their issue through the organisation or agency representing them. We then run a taster session where we can meet your group and they can try their hand at a variety of creative techniques including animation. Taster sessions can be very effective in engaging people who are unsure about taking part in such a project.

Once the group is established, working at our venue in York or travelling to you, we guide the group through the full production process at a pace and level to suit their needs and abilities. We always treat them as the experts in the subject or issue, and our role is simply to help them communicate as effectively as possible using animation.

Films produced by first time animators have a very distinct quality and charm which gives them a highly personalised feel and connection with the audience. Understandably, these films cannot be expected to be absolutely flawless, though we feel that this is part of their charm.

There is a sliding scale between the two methods outlined above and you and your group or organisation can choose the right balance for you: working with a group where they do all the production; working on a commission where we do all the production; or we can work anywhere between the two.

To give you an idea of the results you might expect to achieve on your project below are three examples.

Survival Tips for Deaf Teenagers was a film which was animated by a group of Deaf young people, with guidance and input from ourselves, with some help on sets.

Tops Tips for Health Professionals was mainly made by a group of Deaf young people, with the fish tank scenes produced by us.

The Housing Maze was produced completely by ourselves working on a commission basis, having gathered stories and voiceovers from groups around the UK.

All projects are priced according to a brief agreed with our client - so it is very difficult to give an accurate idea of costings here. Our simplest projects usually start from £3000 - £5,000 and go up depending on things like length of the finished film, intricacy of the characters or set, number of people in any group we are working with. We are always happy to give either ball-park figures or very accurate costings for any job. Please contact us and we'll happily put some costs together for you.