Friday 20 February 2009

Day 5

Today at Biomation, we are finishing off the live action and finishing the theme tune for our tv channel, hi there diabetes or HTD TV! We are also making our own little animations. Are folks are also coming to see what we have been working on because it's our last day of Biomation, Boo Hoo :-{ The project has been really interesting and the animating is fun! Today we send off the local link article.
By Sian and Alyssa

Today was the last day and we finished filming and doing my scenes. We also did the green screen and did last minute animation

This project was mint i hope they make another one its awesome well done simon and dan

I think the project is really good and it helps you to understand it more and meet new people. You can have a laugh but still get the work down.
Ruth and Giorgia x

It's been really really good, I've done animation and voiceovers.

I've made a plasticene elephant, made some animation, done some singing and had fun!

You can see some extra animations we did here:

If you'd like to download this file, either click on the Google Video logo on the video above and then look for the Download link, or else enter this address into your web browser:
This link will only last one week - if you haven't managed to download it by then, please leave a comment on this post and I'll upload it again. Simon

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