Monday 23 April 2007

Welcome to Biomation

Welcome to the Biomation Blog! This will keep you informed as this exciting project continues and let you know what is happening, as well as displaying work as it is completed. Below is an example of the kind of animation we may do - you could see your work here soon! Keep checking this site for the latest updates...

This is a video from a Creative York session we did before the project properly began:


joesthing2004 said...

hi, i have just recieved a letter in the post and i have been invited to help make a movie, although i have a vague idea i am not sure entirely what i am doing! could you help me?

Simon Collins said...

Hi Joesthing2004, great to see you using the blog - you're the very first one!

We are running a project with the diabetes ward at York Hospital to do some creative story writing, and make animations and sound/music to explore what it's like to have diabetes. These will be shown doctors/nurses/family to let them know what it's like, and also screened at other venues. You don't have to have any previous experience, and will work with professional artists and learn all about animation, writing and sound.

There are some animations on this blog from a similar project to give you an idea of what we might do...

We are running a series of 'taster' sessions in the half term week, with all the dates and times listed in the letter you got.

In short, if you are interested in animation, writing and sound, and would like to find out more, reply to the letter and book a place at one of the 'taster' sessions and see what you make of it!

Does this help??